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Force Concrete & Masonry Corporation maintains membership with the
Masonry Contractors of New Jersey


Masonry Contractors of New Jersey (MCOFNJ) is an association of union masonry contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers and other organizations that provide a service to the masonry industry and is dedicated to promoting quality union masonry throughout the state of New Jersey.

MCOFNJ was formed in 1992 by leading union masonry contractors to address the continuing concerns about the future of our industry.

We have experienced significant growth since our formation. Now standing over 200 members strong, we are well established as one of New Jersey's premier trade associations.

The association is actively promoting the advantages of quality union masonry craftsmanship throughout the state of New Jersey. Through our membership meetings, seminars, mailings, EXPOS and relationships with our industry partners, our members are kept well informed of the latest technological innovations, political happenings, OSHA regulations, and other relevant activities.